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Entrance of Shrine of Mevlana Rumi (Mevlana Museum )

The Hierarchy of Saints: In words of Mevlana Rumi

The Hierarchy of Saints: In Words of Mevlana Rumi [Masnavi Volume II, Verse 815] Once Rasoolallah’s [SAW] unmatched greatness is agreed. Hence if you praise any faithful [Momin], it cannot cause envy. Behold! In every era, there...


Hazrat Ali Hujwiri R.A. on Mushahadat and Mujahadat

  Hazrat Ali Hujwiri on Hazrat Abu Bakr’s Mushahadat versus Hazrat Umar’s Mujahada CALIPH ABU BAKER R.A. is placed by the Sufi Shaykhs at the head of those who have adopted the contemplative life (mushahadat),...


Early Life of Mevlana Rumi

Rumi was born on September 30, 1207 at Balkh, in the Iranian region of Khorasan,  part of the current territory of Afghanistan.   Rumi’s father was Bahauddin Walad, son of  Husayn Khatibi. He was...