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Ishaq Moosli : A.R. Chughtai

A.R.Chughtai and Allama Iqbal

LAUNCH OF MURAQQA-I-CHUGHTAI: WITH FORWARD BY ALLAMA IQBAL In 1929, Abdur Rahman Chughtai the famous artist of the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent published his masterpiece “Muraqqa-i-Chughtai”—illustrated Diwan Ghalib. Allama Iqbal contributed a foreword to the book and praised...

Hand Writing of Allama Iqbal

17 Manusctipts of Hand Writing of Allama Iqbal

Baal-e-Jibreel [Wings of Gabriel] was after Bang-e-Dara was a real leap for Iqbal. It’s where Khudi is unleashed and the real journey begins. It is not surprising that he named his compilation Nishaan-e-Manzil initially. As...