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Sufi teacher Miniature

Alif: Sufi Story of Bulleh Shah

Folklore says that when Bulleh Shah went to his madrassa [first school], his teacher began from ‘Alif’, the first letter of Urdu/Arabic. Bulleh Shah got stuck right on Alif. His question to teacher ‘What...

Mevlana Rumi Shrine Konya

3 Phases of Worship: Sufi Quote by Rumi

  Mankind passes through 3 stages of worship. First, he worships any entity: man, woman, money, children, planet and stones. Then, he progresses further and worship God. Finally, he does not say, “I worship God”....

Quran Manuscript - Museum of Islamic Art Doha Qatar

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha [Qatar]

When one thinks about the greatest museum in the world, the ones that flash in mind instantly are British Museum London, Louve Paris and Moma NY. However, when it comes to Islamic Art, Museum...