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Saroor-e-Rafta : Sadequain Painting of Iqbal

Allama Iqbal on Shakespeare, Rumi and Jesus

“To explain the deepest truths of life in the form of homely parables requires extraordinary genius. Shakespeare, Maulana Rum (Jalaluddin) and Jesus Christ are probably the only illustrations of this rare type of genius.”...

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Kings and Wiseman : Quote by Mevlana Rumi R.A.

Kings are only a theatre for the manifestation of God’s kingdom. The Wise are the mirrors for God’s wisdom. – Mevlana Rumi. R.A.   Sema, the music behind Sufi Whirling of Mevlavi Order, is...

Wazu Place at Blue Mosque Istanbul

Water and the Dirty One: Sufi Quote by Rumi

Water and the Dirty One: Sufi Quote by Rumi The Water said to the dirty one, “Come to me.” The dirty one said, “I am too embarrassed and ashamed.” The water replied, “How will...