Free Islamic Apps and Software for iPhone, Android & PC – Updated 2023 For Android, iPhone & iPads, and PC

Free Best Islamic Apps & Software for iPhone, Android & PC (Updated 2023) reviews of the best Islamic software and apps for your PC, iPhone, iPad, Android based phones. Read reviews and ratings and download the best Islamic applications to aid your prayers, Qibla direction and Quran and Hadith research and recitations.


Best Islamic Apps in 2023

Best Islamic Apps in 2023


Android App

●  Islamic Calendar – Muslim Apps  android

Introducing the comprehensive Muslim app designed for followers of Islam around the globe. With a collection of 15+ Islamic Apps and millions of downloads, it stands as one of the highest-rated applications for prayer times and qibla compass, providing timely reminders through the enchanting sound of Azan. This remarkable app also includes an Islamic calendar, complete with a feature-rich Quran app containing Arabic script, 40 translations, and audio recitations in three languages: Arabic, English, and Urdu, among others.


● Islam & Quran Learning Academy android

Embark on a transformative journey of learning Al Quran Tajweed and Salah under the guidance of certified teachers. Athan Academy presents an incredible opportunity for you to acquire Quranic knowledge at your own pace:

  • Engage in online Quran Tajweed Classes
  • Enhance your Quran Tajwid skills through practice
  • Receive valuable feedback directly from your knowledgeable Quran teacher


● IslamQA android

Islam Q&A is an intellectual and educational da‘wah initiative that strives to provide well-founded guidance and academic responses derived from religious texts. Our goal is to present comprehensive information in a manner that is accessible and understandable to all.


Muslim Pro – Prayer Times, Azan, Quran & Qibla   android

Alerts to Islamic prayer times with qibla compass, Quran and calculated hijri date. Simple and intuitive interface. The best Adhan app for android phones and tablets, which has been downloaded well above 10 million times.

● Prayer times: Qibla & Azan android

Automatic prayer notifier with Qibla direction and Location Lookup.

● Nearest Masjid (Islam)
Find the nearest mosques and Islamic Centres in the UK. 1600+ UK mosques with calling and turn-by-turn navigation.


iPhone Apps

● iQuran for iPhones & iPod Touch  iphone_red
Read the Koran in Arabic alongside its various translations now on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Includes verse by verse Quranic Recitation.

● iPray for iPhones & iPod Touch
Get prayer timings, qibla and athan (azan) for thousands of cities on your iPhone/iPod Touch.


Windows PC Apps

● Quran Auto Reciter (Version 3.0) – Software for Windows [zip]

Read and Listen the Quran in many languages, with famous reciters and beautiful fonts.

● Athan (Azan) Basic
– Software for Windows [zip]
The most downloaded Azaan software for Windows. Hear the Athan (Azan) automatically five times a day at each prayer time in your computer.

● Salaat Time
– Software for Windows [zip]

Download Windows PC software to provide alarm for Namaz, regardless wherever the world are you.

● Abu Dawood Hadith Software – Software for Windows [zip] 

Abu Dawood is considered one of the major books of Hadith, the sayings of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Now available in Software for Windows PC.

Microsoft Plus! [Arabic Theme] – Software for Windows [zip]

Microsoft Plus! has been a popular software for Windows 95 – 2000 for themes, wallpapers, icons etc. Arabic theme brings the best of Arabia and Islamic culture on Windows.

● Azan for 5 Million Cities in the World – Software for Windows [zip]  

Azan for 5 Million Cities, as the name suggests, brings Azan times and alarm for almost every city in the world.

 Asma-ul-Hassna – Software for Windows [zip]

Asma-ul-Hassna are the name of Allah, which Allah has repeatedly advised all Muslims to remember in Zikr. Now download in form of a beautiful software.

● Sahi Bukhari – Hadith Software for Windows [zip]  

Sahi Bukhari is the most authentic of all Hadith books, and considered one of the most influential books of the world. Written by Muslim scholar Muhammad al-Bukhari, you can download this amazing book in form of software for Windows for reading.

● Sahi Muslim – Hadith Software for Windows [zip]  

Sahi Muslim is also one of the most important of all Hadith books. Written by Imam Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, now you can download it in form of Windows Software for PC for research and reading.

● Fiqh-Us-Sunnah – Software for Windows [zip]

Fiqh-Us-Sunnah is a useful book for practice of Islamic acts and faith, which answers many question around Islamic way of life.

● Maliks-Muwatta – Software for Windows [zip] 

Maliks Muwatta or the Muwaṭṭa of Imam Malik is one of the oldest collection of written collection of Hadith as compiled by the great Imam Malik ibn Anas. Now available to download in form of Windows software on PC.

● Shamaa-Il-Tirmidhi – Software for Windows [zip] 

The Shamail Muhammadiyah is another beautful colleciton of Hadiths which were collection by Persian Islamic Scholar  Imam Tirmidhi [also Termezi]. Download software for PC to read and research this beautiful collection.

● Extras – Software for Windows [zip] 

Download more Islamic software for Windows.



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