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Azans (Adhans) from Different Holy Mosques

Arabic ﻋﺭﺑﻰ


Kaaba Makkah


Azan, Azaan or Adhans are the Call for Prayer/Namaz/Salaah in Islam. Though the wording of Azaan remain the same, different accents from different part of the world create beautiful variations in way it is chanted. Below are Azans from 3 holiest mosques of Islam, Makkah (Kaa’ba), Medina (Masjid e Nabwi) and Masjid e Alaqsa (Jerusalem).


 Sheikh Abdur-Rahman Al-Sudais  1.4 MB

 Sheikh Subhanallah Fajr azaan [Windows Media Audio/WMA format] 0.5MB (1.30)

 Azaan Al-Aqs Mosque [Windows Media Audio/WMA format]  0.57MB (1.40)

 Azaan Makkah [Windows Media Audio/WMA format]  0.3MB (1.20)

 Azaan Madina  [Windows Media Audio/WMA format] 0.5MB (1.30)


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