Sain Mushtaq Hussain: Download Punjabi Folk MP3

Sain Mushtaq Hussain

Punjabi Folk Music

Sain Mushtaq Hussain is one of the most authentic Punjabi folk singer and chimta player of his generation, along with Arif Lohar. His chimta playing is considered the most creative as he had the ability to perform different notes on chimta with unparalleled speed. His Punjabi folk tales renditions such as Heer Waris Shah, Mirza Sahibaan and Sassi remain his best.


Heer Waris Shah – Sain Mushtaq Hussain (57:00)

Mirza Sahibaan – Sain Mushtaq Hussain (13:31)

Sassi – Sain Mushtaq (9:40)





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