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2019 Islamic Holidays

2019 Islamic Holidays Mairaj Sharif (Layla Tul Mairaj): Wednesday, 3 April 2019 Shab-e-Baraat – Sunday, 21 April 2019 Ramadan (Ramzan) – Monday, 6 May to Tuesday, 4 June 2019 Shab e Qadar (or Laylat...

Online Workshop on Sufism and Islamic Art

Online Workshop on Sufism and Islamic Art

  “The Art of God” is an online workshop on the eternal union between art, creativity and spirituality from the spring of the Greatest Master of Sufism Muhyi al-Dm Ibn al- Arabi. When: February...

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Khwaja Ki Diwani by Sabri Brothers

  Sabri Brothers were true devotees of Hazrat Khwaja Moeenudin Chishti, which is something they mentioned at their live concerts. Sabri Brothers performed all over the world, with major concerts in London and New York. Although...

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Islamic / Muslim Holidays Dates 2018

  Isra and Miraj [Ascension of the Prophet] : 13 April 2018 Miraj Sharif is the night when Prophet Muhammad SAW ascended to the heavens and attained proximity to Allah which no other human...