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Ney Music Of Dervish/Sufi Whirling (Semaa/Sema)

ﺗﺮﮎ turkish , ﺸﺂﻡ syrian , ﻣﺼﺮ egyptian



Ney’ is a reed flute, which along with Turkish tanbur lute and Turkish kemençe fiddle are considered the most typical instruments of Classical Turkish and Persian mystical music. Ney also plays a primary role in the music of the Mevlevi Sufi rites (Sama) popularly known as the Whirling Sufis or Dancing dervishes and its sound has a deep spiritual effect. Mevlana Rumi’s Masnavi begins from the verse “Listen to the Reed”.


Ney taksimleri Rast – Sufi Music of Turkey 6.6MB (7.02)

Sufi Musical Ensemble of Conya Dugah Ayini (Peshref) 7.18MB

Mevlana assemble (Sema) – Sufi Music of Turkey 2.68 (3.21)

Recitation of Surah Baqrah from Syria followed by Takasim & Sufi Chants (with thanks to N. Alzari) 4.1MB (4.16)

Egyptian Nile – Sufi Meditation song 2.8MB (3:01)

Sufi Dialogue Nile Music  5.0MB (5:19)

Turkish Dervish Whirling Music Semaa 8MB (8:40)

Music of the Medieval Pilgrim on the Way to Bethlehem  7.3MB (7:44)

Sufi Music of Turkey- Ney Taksimleri Rast 6.45MB (7:02)

Turkish sufi music- Ney II 9.42MB (10:17)


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