Sami Yusuf: Download Hamd Naat Nasheed 1000+ MP3 Worlds Largest Collection of Qawwali, Arfana & Sufiana Kalam, Hamd & Naat

Sami Yusuf: Download Hamd Naat Nasheed 1000+ MP3

Hamd Naat & Nasheeds [Arabic & English]

Sami Yusuf is a British-Iranian singer and songwriter. Born in Tehran, he rose to fame with his music comprising mostly of songs of Islam, and living as a Muslim in today’s world. He also had performed cover of Allah Hoo, the famous Qawwali of Ustad Nusrat Fatah Ali as welll as Sufiana Kalam of Abida Parveen.


Ya Mustafa 

Al Mu Allim [The Teacher]

Who is the Loved One

 Allah Hoo  [Nusrat Fateh Ali Cover] 7MB (06.34)

The Cave of Hira


My Only Wish (Interlude) (1:01)

Never Never (3:52)

Not In My Name (4:36)

Sallou (4:06)

Salutation (1:38)

Without You (3:29)

Anything For You (4:39)

Asma Allah (4:59)

A Thousand Times (3:33)

Forever Palestine  (3:45)

He Is There (4:06)

La illa ha illallah 6.3MB (06.57)

Why I Was Created 4.4MB (04.50)

Anam 5MB (05.22)

Native Deen Allah 1.9MB (02.06)

Meditation 3MB (03.18)

We Will Never Submit 3.4MB (02.24)

Du’a 6.3MB (04.37)

 Eid Song 6.6MB (04.60)

Free 4.7MB (05.10)