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Zia Mohyeddin reads Urdu Adab (Prose and Poem)

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Zia Mohyeddin is considered the greatest reciter of Urdu Literature of our times. Zia Sahib reads the passages of poetry and prose with exceptional control and connects superbly with audience, which is manifested by few of his recitations below in MP3 format.

 Andha Khwab (Kalam Noon Meen Rashid) (2.14)

Angrezi Nasr Para (3:29)

 Basauday Ki Maryam (12:57)

 Huma Khanum Kay Naam Khat (8:12)

 Marhoom Ki Yaad Mein – Patras Bokhari (29:23)

 Zarguzasht- Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi (4:28)

 Zindagi Se Darte Ho – Poem by Noon Meem Rashid(2:38)

 Guman Ka Mumkin – Noon Meem Rashid (7:40)

 Hasan Kooza Gar – Noon Meem Rashid (5:43)

 Iqtebas – Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi (11:27)

 Maee Dada – Asad Mohammad Khan (27:55)

 Saf Shikn Batair – Ratan Naath Sarshaar (5:47)

 Yagangat – Mira Jee (2:24)

 Aana Ghar Mein Murghiyoon Ka (10:09)

 Aik Khat (2:24)

 Angrezi Nazm (1:55)

 Dhobi (9:06)

 Fasana-E-Azad (3:54)

 Ghalib Kay Khatoot (2:46)

 Mir Baqir Sahib (11:02)

 Nazm 1 (1:52)

 Nazm 2 (4:17)

 Nazm 3 (1:47)

 Parhaye Gar Bemar (12:12)

 Zia Mohyeddin Kay Naam Khat (1:55)


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