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mehr ali and sher ali qawwal

Sher Ali & Mehr Ali Qawwal




True to tradition, the ensemble is headed by a pair of brothers. As in most Qawwali ensembles, Mehr Ali is the lead singer (mohri) with a strong – though not necessarily very melodic – voice. He is supported by a sweeter, almost feminine, voice of his younger Sher Ali. The brothers are balanced by an analogous pair of vocalists (avazia), Mashuq Ali and Sardar Ali. The brothers learned the art of Qawwali from their father, Badruddin Khan, who comes from a long line of QawwaIis, tracing their origin to the legendary 13th century musician Tanras Khan. They belong to the Chishti-Faridi Sufi order.

The ensemble consists of:


Lead vocalist: Mehr Ali
Vocalist and harmonium Sher Ali
Vocalist and harmonium: Mashuq Ali
Vocalist: Sardar Ali
Tabla: Amjad Ali Khan
Chorus: Badar Munir, Shaukat Ali, Maqsud Hasan, Sadat Ali Saqib, Arif Ali, Dilbar Hussain, Abdul Rashid, Rafaqat AH.



 Mann Kunto Maula – Hazrat Amir Khusrau Ka Qaul Aur Tarana – Sher Ali & Mehr Ali Qawwal

Mahi Bahj Kali An – Sher Ali & Mehr Ali Qawwal

 Mera e Charkha Naulakha Kure – Sher Ali & Mehr Ali Qawwal

 Maro Nara Haideri “Ya Ali” – Sher Ali & Mehr Ali Qawwal







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