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Zila Khan

Kalaam/Poetry  ,اردو Urdu , Farsi (Persian)



Trained in Classical and Semi-Classical Singing, Zila Khan is greatly admired for her Sufiana Kalam. With impeccable Urdu language, her clarity of vocals is exceptional. She is daughter of Ustad Vilayat Khan, on whom she also produced a documentary.


 Ab Kaise Gauna (5:12)

 Ishq Ki Navee Bahar (Video Edit) (4:03)

 Ishq Ki Navee Bahar (7:48)

 Lat Uljhi (9:25)

 Nazuk Hai Nadaan (7:29)

 Rubai (Sufi Darvesh) (8:50)

 Sach Kaho (4:38)

 Taana Na Maro (10:42)

 Abr Mi Barad (Raga Zila Kafi) (6:34)

 Ae Ri Sakhi (13:07)

 Chhaap Tilak (7:19)

 Man Kunto Maula (7:36)

 Zihale Miskin (6:13)



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