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Bushra Sadiq – Sufiaan Diya Wangaan

Kalaam/Poetry ﭙﻨﺠﺎﺑﻰ punjabi  


Wangaan (Chooriaan in Urdu) is ornamental jewellery made of colourful glass, which is very popular in India and Pakistan.Shrines of Sufi and Awliyah often have bazaar which sell these. This is the reason why different Kalaam often mentioned. Bushra Sadiq has performed Kalam on Wangaan of different saints, including Baba Farid, Hazrat Ali Hajvairi (Daata Sahib), which are available to download below.


Baba Farid Diyan Wangan

Daata Diyan Wangan

Nosho Diyan Wangan

Qalandar Diyan Wangan

 Wanga Charha Lo – Bushra Sadiq and Tedi at Busal Sharif




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