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Cheb Salih, whose full name is Abdelkader Chercham, is an Algerian singer and songwriter renowned for his contributions to the Raï music genre. Born on February 27, 1965, in Oran, Algeria, Cheb Salih gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s for his distinctive vocal style and unique blend of traditional Algerian music with modern influences.

His music often addresses themes of love, relationships, social issues, and everyday life, making him relatable to a wide audience. Cheb Salih’s charismatic stage presence and energetic performances have earned him a devoted fan base both within Algeria and among international listeners.

Throughout his career, Cheb Salih released numerous successful albums and singles, helping to shape the evolution of Raï music and maintain its popularity. His work has contributed to the globalization of Algerian music, with his songs often being appreciated beyond North African borders


 Aerony Bik

E Moalem Ytklm Bent El Gwad

El Waqfa Blbab

Hizy Hramk

Qolili Ya El Mehna

Sydy Bo Medin

Treq El Laithy

Wllah Ma Ansak

Ya Khaly

Ya Sena