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Ali Haider – Download Hamd and Naat MP3


Ali Haider’s name is no stranger to the Pakistani music industry. Started as a sole pop artists with his blockbuster track Purani Jeans, he have been associated with several bands. He has also performed various Sufi music acts throughout, with his recent albums focusing entirely on Hamd, Naat, Nohas and Nasheeds. A selection of such singles is reproduced which are in public domain.


Ali Haidar Naat


Dil Badal De  4MB

Salam Le Lo 6.9MB

Ya Mustafa Ya Mustafa (3:44)

Ilteja (5:04)

 Woh Allah Hi Toh Hai (5:42)

 Teri Jaaliyon Ke Neechay (4:55)

Mera Panjatan Pe Salam (7:07)

Gharon Me Roshni 5.1MB

 Duniya Fanaa 3.7MB