Faridudin Attar: Sufi Quotes and Poetry

Shaykh Faridudin Attar Nishapuri Quotes

The Tree unaware of its state

A man cut down a tree one day. A Sufi visiting nearby said to him: ‘Look at the fresh branch that is yet fresh and happy, unaware that it has been cut off the tree now’.

‘One can be ignorant of the damage one have suffered, but there would be time when he realizes the truth. Meanwhile one cannot reason with it and understand it’

This severance and ignorance is the current state of human beings.

The Arrow

When an arrow is loosed from the bow, it may go straight and or it may now. It is dependent on the archer, which way it goes

However, so strange it is that when the arrow speeds without deviation, it is the archer whose skill it is attributed to. But if it loosed its path, it is the arrow that is blamed for the flaw.


You know nothing about you in this state. You are similar to the wax in the honeycombs. What does it knows of the fire or guttering?

But once it transforms into a candle and begins to emit light only then it knows.

Similarly you will know that while being thinking yourself to be alive, you were actually dead and only thinking of yourself to be alive.

The Two Rings

There was a man who loved two women equally. They asked him to tell them which one he loved more.

He asked them to wait his decisions to be told. He had two rings made, both completely identical,

To each of the woman he gave one ring, called them together and said,’ the whom I love the most is the one with the ring.’

The King who knew about his destiny.

A king who was also an astrologer read in his stars that a disaster resulting in his death would take place on a particular time and particular time.

To elude this calamity, he had a house of solid rock built for him and he also posted various guards outside.

One day while he realized while being in his house that he could still see the daylight. He therefore closed the opening that was actually intended to be for breathing air. And thus he suffocated to death.