Hakim Sanai Sufi Quotes and Love Poetry

Hakim Sanai Quotes

The Book within

The human’s progress is that one who has been given a sealed book, written before he was actually born. He carries it inside himself until he is dead. While man is subject to the movement of Time, he does not know the contents of the sealed book with in him.



Man Asleep

While mankind remains mere baggage in the world

It can sweep along, in a boat asleep

What can they see in sleep?

What real merit or punishments can there be?



How and Why

The true core of truth goes beyond the terminology of ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’


The Infant

Man does not notice that he is like an infant in the hands of a nurse. Sometimes he is happy; sometimes he sad. The nurse sometimes scolds the child, sometimes she pampers him. At times she spanks him, at times she appeases him. The person, unaware of the entire thing, passes by and may blame the nurse for being unmindful of the child. How can he know that this is the way, which she must behave?


Follow the Path

Do not speak of your heartache- for He is speaking

Do not seek him – for He is seeking

He feels even the touch of an Ant’s foot.

If a stone moves under water-He knows it.

If there is a worm in a rock.

He knows its body, smaller than an atom.

The sound of its praise and its hidden perceptions

He knows it by His divine knowledge

He has given the worm its sustenance

He has shown you the path of the teaching.