Ibn Arabi: Sufi Quotes and Poetry in English

Ibn Arabi: Sufi Quotes and Poetry in English

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi is regarded as one of the earliest and most influential Sufi masters. Born in Murcia in Southern Spain, he witnesses the peak of Islamic Renaissance in which architecture and arts flourished. He traveled extensively during his life and documented his thoughts and experience in form of Tarjuman al Ashwaq [The Interpretor of Desires]. Although often they written in a fashion inferior love [of woman] or Ishq-e-Mijazi, these are allegories of divine love or Ishq-e-Haqiqi.

“I follow the faith of Love.
Whatever way Love’s camel will go, it is my faith & religion”
– Ibn Arabi



The Truth

She has flustered all the scholars of Islam.

And experts who have studied the Psalms.

Every Jewish Rabbi.

And every Christian Priest.


The Higher Love

The ordinary lover adores a secondary phenomenon.

I love the real.



The Face of the Religion

Now I am called the Shepherd of the desert gazelles

Now I am a Christian monk

Now a Zoroastrian

The beloved is three, yet one.

Just as the three are in reality one.


The Man Who Knows

The Sufi knows the real truth speaks in a way that is based upon the understanding, prejudices and limitation of his audience.

To the Sufi , the worship is actually the knowledge. Through the knowledge he finally achieves the insight. The Sufi abandons the three I’s. He never says words like ‘for me’, ‘with me’ or ‘my property’. He must not attribute anything to himself.