Imam Ghazali Sufi Quotes & Love Poetry

Imam Ghazali Quotes

Divine Knowledge

The question of the divine love is so profound that it is known to only a few who have it.

A child has no information about the achievements of adults. An ordinary adult cannot understand attainments of an learned adult.

In the same way, an educated man cannot yet understand the experience of enlightened saints or Sufis.


Faith in Allah

“To completely trust in ALLAH is to be like a child who knows deeply that even if he does not call for the mother, the mother is totally aware of his condition and is looking after him.”



Your possessions are whatever you cannot loose in a shipwreck


The sick man

To the sick man, sweet mater tastes bitter in the mouth.



Speed, which becomes a virtue when it is found in horse, has not advantage by itself alone.


The Infertile Woman

The man went to a doctor and told him that his wife has become sterile and cannot have children anymore.

The doctor felt her pulse and told her:

‘I cannot treat you and in any case you will die within forty days’

The woman was in total disdain as she left However after forty day she did not die as said by the doctor.

Her husband took her again to the same doctor and told him. The doctor remarked:

‘I knew that she would not die within forty days. Actually you wife could not bear a child because she was too fat. I knew that the only thing hat could keep her away from food is the fear of the death. Now she is cured and not sterile anymore’

The question of knowledge is the most dangerous one.