Omar Khayam Sufi Quotes and Love Poetry

Omar Khayam Quotes

Seed Like these

In cell and cloister, in monastery and synagogue

Some fear Hell and others dream of Heaven

But no one knows that the Secrets of God

Who has planted seeds like these in his heart.


The Enemy of Faith

I drink wine and opponents from my left and right tell me

‘Drink not, for it sis against the faith’

Since I know that wine is against the faith.

By God let me drink; since the blood of my enemy if lawful upon me.#


The Secret

The secret must be kept from all the non-people

The mystery must remain secret from all fools

To see what you do to other people

The Eye has to be hidden from all the Men.



Man of Earth

Do you know what a man of earth may be, Khayyam

A lantern of imaginings, and inside a lamp.


 Take something with you

Take something from here to there

What profit will you make if you go empty-handed?
What I am, I am

Every group has its own theory about me

I am mine, what I am, I am.



The circle of this world is like a ring:

There is no doubt that we are nothing but

Naqsh, the design of its bezel.