Shaykh Saadi Shirazi Quotes Sufi Quotes and Poetry

Shaykh Saadi of Shiraz Quotes (Shaikh Saadi Shirazi)

A Jewel in Dust

If a gem falls into mud, it will still remain valuable.

And if the dust descends to heaven, it will still of no value.



The Alchemist

The Alchemist dies in frustration and sorrow.

And the fool finds a treasure in a ruin.


Dry Wood

Green wood can be bent.

But once it becomes dry, it can only be straightened by fire.



The Barren Tree

No one throws stones at the barren tree.


The Pearl

A raindrop, dripping from a cloud.

Ashamed when it saw the see.

‘Who am I where is a sea’, it said.

As it saw itself, from the eyes of humility

A shell embraced him and makes him a pearl.



shrine of hazrat saadi shirazi

shrine of hazrat saadi shirazi



One who has vanity and conceit in his head

Imagine not that he will ever hear the truth


The Elephant Keeper

Make no friendship with a elephant keeper

If you have no room to entertain an elephant


Safety and Riches.

Deep in the sea there are riches beyond your imagination

But if you seek safety, that is at the shore.


Horse and the Camel

An Arab horse speeds like no other. But it is the came that though plods slowly, goes by day and night.



If you cannot stand a sting, do not put your hand in scorpions nest.


Kings and Dervishes.

Ten devishes can sleep beneath one blanket

Two kings cannot rein in one kingdom



The Sick Man

Throughout the long night a man wept

For the sick man beside him

At dawn the visitor was dead.

And the patient alive.


Heedless Man

One who gives advice to heedlessness is himself in need of an advice.