Wasif Ali Wasif Sufi Quotes

Wasif Ali Wasif Quotes


1. Sufi and Fakirs don’t try to prove the existence of Allah. They know that that only thing that can prove existence of Sun is an eye which can see.

2. Salvation is not discovering who is cracking a hole in the boat. Salvation is that the boat reaches the shore safely.

3. If the price for savings someone life if your own life, don’t refuse.

4. We only call Allah with our tongue. Allah is not a word. He is not a sound. He is not chant. He is an Entity, the Holiest Being. Our relation with Him is of heart, not of tongue. Once heart is connected with Allah, only then all our being can follow the religion truly.

5. For the knower, this universe is a fact. For those who doesn’t know, only a veil.

6. In the presence of hawks and vultures, the vulnerable baby birds grow up. All dust storms cannot extinguish a lamp. Lions roars and baby deers hop around. These are all manifestation of God’s glory. His creations pass through different phases. At His command, Pharaohs killed many children, but that child (Moses) survived. These are all His tasks. World progresses but flies, mosquitoes and rats still are born. At the same time new insecticides are being prepared. Where ailments have increased in the East and the West, the medicines have increased too. Man was sad yesterday and not happy today either. The real ailment is proximity to God. Why don’t people understand this?

7. Whoever asks for everyone’s betterment, Allah helps him. Whoever open their door for the needy, never goes penniless.

8. When repentance is accepted, the memory of the sin vanishes too.

9. One person asked another, “When did you say your first lie”. He replied, “When I proclaimed that I never lied!”

10. In this world, you don’t gain or lose anything. It only exchange within different hands.

11. Food is important for health. But food is not health itself.

12. Anything outside the Ocean, you can call is river, lake, cloud, tear, dew whatever you desire. But whatever becomes a part of Ocean, is known by one word. The Ocean.

13. Whoever is not truthful, he cannot wait for a truthful.

14. Some people lead a dead life, other are alive after their death too.

15. After we leave the world, it will stay as it was before your arrival.

16. The east and west belong to the earth only. Sky don’t have such directions.

17. Look at the skies, but keep feet on the ground.

18. Until there are tears in eyes, you cannot forget the existence of God.

19. Man tries hard to hide his imperfections. With the same effort, he can rectify his imperfection.

20. When eye becomes heart, the heart becomes eye (start seeing).

21. Other’s weaknesses cannot be your strength.

22. We earn money to live. And live to earn money.

23. Never consider someone’s favour as your right.

24. The best way to thank God for a blessing is to share it with those who are deprived with it.

25. We want Pharaoh’s life and Moses’s afterlife.

26. If the kid is ill, the parents learn how to pray by themselves.

27. Best kalam is one who has less words and more meaning.

28. When ceiling is about to fall, run away. When the skies are about to fall, keep still.

29. From one angle sin is a disease. From another angle, disease is a sin.

30. The success in life can only be determined at the time it ends.

31. Don’t expand so much that it becomes hard to shrink. Gain as much that you don’t regret when losing it.

32. A incompetent leaders complains of incompetent associates. If you want to be Sun, first you must learn to create light.

33. What is your age? Not that one what has passed, but what is left.

34. The world is old, but its novelty never ends.

35. Someone asked, “what is benefit of rain”. He replied, “It waters my fields”. The other person asks again, “What is the trouble with rain.”. He replied, “It waters my brother’s fields also.”

36. The one who makes world laugh, weeps in solitude.

37. Love a person who is hated by all. His personality will change.

38. A person who doesn’t have a beloved at homeland, cannot love that homeland.

39. Every face is One face.

40. The Strength creates Fright. Fright creates hatred. Hatred creates rebellion. And rebellion destroys that Strength!

41. People cannot share our days of happiness, how can they share our days of melancholy?

42. Whoever doesn’t have light in the heart cannot gain anything from Mela/City of lights.

43. Why mention the son who is only recognized by his father?