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Aj Sik Mitran Di  – Junaid Jamshed

Hamd and Naats

Junaid Jamshed Naat Sharif


Aj Sik Mitran Di is a beautiful Naat penned by Pir Mehr Ali Shah. Junaid mostly sung Urdu naat and hamd but in this amazing Punjabi kalam he shows his immense talent.



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Lyrics with English Translation 

Ajj Sik Mitraan di Vadheree Ae

Kyon Dilree Udaas ghaneri Ae

Kithe Mehr Ali Kithe Teri Sanaa

Gustakhak Akhian, Kithe Jaa Arriaan


آج سک متراں دی ودھیری اے
کیوں دلڑی اداس گھنیری اے
لوں لوں وچ شوق چنگیری اے
اج نیناں لائیاں کیوں جھڑیاں


Why yearning for my beloved [Muhammad SAW] so strong today

Why my heart is sadder than ever today?

Where my small being (Meher Ali), where your glorious being (Muhammad SAW)!

Look at courage of eyes, which glance at you

Mukh Chandar Badar Shaashani Hai