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Junoon, a popular rock band from Pakistan comprising of Ali Azmat (Vocals), Salman Ahmad (Guitars) and Brian O’ Connell (Bass), gained immense popularity with their modern sufi music fusion. The band showed Sufi influences in their album Parvaaz (Flight), which featured songs from Bulleh Shah’s poetry. Junoon also sung Kalam e Iqbal such as Saqi Nama. Junoon band’s tracks fall under Sufi Rock Music genre.





Mein Kaun Hoon

Saqi Nama (Kalam Allama Iqbal)

Lal meri pat (damadum mast qalandar)


Bulleya” by Junoon is a mesmerizing fusion of Sufi poetry and rock music. Released in 1999 as part of their album “Parvaaz,” the song showcases the band’s signature style and their ability to blend traditional and contemporary elements seamlessly. The lyrics are inspired by the teachings of the renowned Sufi poet Bulleh Shah, delivering a spiritual message of self-discovery and unity with the divine. The powerful vocals of Junaid Jamshed and the captivating instrumentals create a captivating ambiance, making “Bulleya” a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences who appreciate both Sufi and rock genres.


Bulleya (reprise/slower version)


Ghoom: “Ghoom” is a song from Junoon’s fifth studio album, “Dewaar,” released in 2003. The song boasts a distinctive blend of rock and classical elements, exploring themes of social and political consciousness. With thought-provoking lyrics and a captivating rhythm, “Ghoom” carries a strong message of awakening and empowerment. Junaid Jamshed’s emotive vocals and the band’s adept musicianship infuse the song with energy and passion, leaving a lasting impact on listeners who appreciate the band’s socially conscious and musically dynamic approach.


 Ab to Jaag (Bulleh Shah)

Aleph or Alif (Bulleh Shah)


Sayonee: “Sayonee” is perhaps Junoon’s most iconic song, released in 1997 as part of their album “Azadi.” The song features a perfect fusion of rock, Sufi, and folk music, exemplifying the band’s unique sound. The poetic and enigmatic lyrics, penned by Sabir Zafar, add to the song’s appeal and make it a memorable anthem. Ali Azmat’s powerful vocals and Salman Ahmad’s electrifying guitar work make “Sayonee” an unforgettable musical experience. Its popularity has endured over the years, becoming a symbol of Junoon’s influence on Pakistani music and an essential part of their legacy.



Wahda Hoo La Shareek

Saeen [or Saeein]