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Zehaal-e-Miskeen Kalam Amir Khusro – Nusrat Fateh Ali


Kalaam/Poetry , Persian/Farsi


Zehaal-e-Miskeen is one of Amir Khusrow’s masterpiece divine love song, which has been rendered by several artists. Here is a classic version by the great Qawwal sub-continent has ever witnessed, with lyrics below.



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Zihaal-e miskeen makun taghafal. Varaye nainaa banayay batiyaa

Ke taab-e-hijraan nadara mai jaan na leho kahe lagaye chatiyan

Shabaan-e-hijran daraz chun zulf wa rozay waslat cho umar kota

Sakhee piya ko jo main na dekhun to kaise katun andheree ratiyan?

Rough Translation: 

Do not ignore my misery by your flattering eyes, and weaving tales

My patience has overflown now, my love, why do you not take me to your heart?

Long like curls of the night of separation, short like life on the day of our reunion

My love,  how will I complete such night like a the dark dungeon, without your face in front of me?