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Nami Danam – Sabri Brothers Qawwal

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Nami Danam by Sabri Brothers Qawwal is a evergreen kalam by Hazrat Amir Khusrow, one of the pioneer of Qawwali and Sufiana Kalam in South Asia.


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I don’t know which station I reached the other night
Victims of the Dance of Slaughter lay everywhere, where I was the other night
There was a nymph-like Beloved with a cypress-like form and a tulip-like face,Causing hearts to suffer utter torment**, where I was the other nightRivals competed with their voices, He was full of coquetry, and I was filled with fearIt was so difficult to speak, where I was the other nightGod Himself presided over the assembly, and Khusrau (or Khusro) was in la makan [space-lessness]Muhammad (S.A.W.S) was the Burning Candle that lit up the gathering, where I was the other night”
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