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Kavita Seth – Ji Chahe to Sheesha Ban Ja


Sufi Music from India Hindi/Urdu


Ji Chahe To Sheesha Banja Jee Chahe Paimana Ban Ja is a beautiful Sufiana Kalam penned by Chishti Sufi Saint Hazrat Zaheen Shah Taji from India. It says that if you desire you can become glass or the wine-goblet, but why don’t you leave these superficial things to become the real, that is the wine of Ishq and the Inn where it is served. Also sung by Abida Parveen, below is a rendition by Kavita Seth.


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Ji Chahe To Sheesha Ban Ja
Ji Chahe Paimaana Ban Ja
Sheesha Paimana Kya Banana
Mei Ban Ja, Maikhanaa Ban Ja!


If You Desire, Transform Into Glass, Or The Chalice.
But Why Becoming These
When You Can Become The Wine And The Tavern Itself [i.e. Why Become Container When You Can Be The Real]