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Mere Dil Mere Musaafir – Tina Sani sings Faiz

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Mere Dil Mere Musaafir is the first poem from Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry compilation also named Mere Dil Mere Musaafir. It remains one of the most simple verses, yet one of the most touching, with a strong touch of poignancy. Download in Tina Sani’s exceptionally beautiful voice below, as well as full lyrics below.



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Meray Dil Meray Musafir
Hua Phir Se Hukam Saadir
K Watan Badar Hon Hum Tum
Dein Gali Gali Sadayen
Karen Rukh Nagar Nagar Ka
K Suragh Koi Payen
Kisi Yar-E-Nama Bar Ka
Har Ek Ajnabi Se Poochen
Jo Pata Tha Apnay Ghar Ka
Hamain Din Se Rat Karna
Kabhi Is Se Bat Karna
Kabhi Us Se Bat Karna
Tumhen Kya Kahun K Kya Hai
Shab-E-Gam Buri Bala Hai
Hamain Ye Bhi Tha Ghaneemat
Jo Koi Shumar Hota
Hamain Kya Bura Tha Marna
Agar Ek Bar Hota


English Translation by Hamid Rahim Sheikh [with gratitude]

My heart, my fellow traveler
It has been decreed again
That you and I be exiled,
go calling out in every street,
turn to every town.
To search for a clue
of a messenger from our Beloved.
To ask every stranger
the way back to our home.

In this town of unfamiliar folk
we drudge the day into the night
Talk to this stranger at times,
to that one at others.

How can I convey to you, my friend
how horrible is a night of grief
It would suffice to me
if there were just some count
I would gladly welcome death
if it were to come but once.