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Jab Khwaja Bulayenge Ajmer Ki Basti Mein – Ustad Jafar Hussain Khan: Download MP3







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Everyday we make resolutions, but they are broken.

Only those invited by Khwaja go to Ajmir.

In the court of Khwaja, there is Divinity all the time.

O’ Khwaja, Bestower of the Poor, help me out!

You have helped thousands out.

Khwaja is my giver: he gives; he obtains for us.

Whoever goes to him, never returns empty-handed.


When Khwaja will invite us to the town of Ajmir, we will go there in the boat of faith.

Dear Khwaja is so different from others: generous to all, friend of God.

His glory is different from others, that is above all others.

He calms the pain of the heart; he helps us out.

He is dear to Shabir and Shabar; he is the beloved of Mowla Ali.

Dear Khwaka is our helper.

Dear Khwaja shares the sorrows of the poor.

Khwaja is for the rich; Khwaja is for the poor.

I would say that I have turned my face away from the world.

I have left behind the world on my way.

Save us from the tyranny of the world.

0 Khwaja, hide us in your cloak!

When those who are mad for Khwaja will get intoxicated, they will shake the world and make all mad.

Nobody disherited going to his door has ever returned empty-handed.

That glory of Divinity is in your existence.

I went begging to every giver’s door in the world.

How many doors have I knocked at!

When I got no hearing, I was fed up.

Finally I went one day to Ajmir.

When I went to the door of Khwaja, my wishes were fully satisfied.

How can one describe your rank?

You always lift the sufferings of the poor.

Your coming has brought fame to Ajmir.

Your coming has brightened our Islam.

Everybody utters your name;

God is merciful on such people.

You are the shore for my sinking boat.

You are a support for the people of your beloved Prophet.

The one chosen by you gets Paradise on the Day of Judgement.

He gets released from pain, sorrow and difficulties.

There all the poor, the unfortunate and the orphans are helped.