Abdul Ghafoor Soomro: Download 1000+ Sufi Music MP3 Worlds Largest Collection of Qawwali, Arfana & Sufiana Kalam, Hamd & Naat

Abdul Ghafoor Soomro – Sindhi Sufi Songs and Arfana Kalam

ﺴﻨﺪﻫﻰ sindhi



Abdul Ghafoor Soomro is regarded as one of the most prolific Sindhi Sufina Kalam. He is adept at singing classical and sindhi folk on harmonium.
Ho Qazia  6MB

Muhib Mui Je Ghar Aayo 9MB

Saan Ehri Jind Juri 8MB

Sindhi Sufi Song 1.2MB (7.07)



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