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Islamic events 2018

Islamic / Muslim Holidays Dates 2018

  Isra and Miraj [Ascension of the Prophet] : 13 April 2018 Miraj Sharif is the night when Prophet Muhammad SAW ascended to the heavens and attained proximity to Allah which no other human...


Eid: A Commemoration of Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice

  Eid-al-Azha is here, which commentates the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S, also known as Prophet Abraham in West. Hazrat Ibrahim is considered the ‘father of prophets’, since all Abrahmic Religions [Judaism, Christianity and Islam] root...

Dome of the Rock - Jerusalem

Eid Mubarak but…

  TheSufi.com wishes readers a blessed, with thoughts and prayers for uncountable families from Istanbul to Brussels, who won’t be celebrating.