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Hamid Ali Bela

Kalaam/Poetry  , اردو Urdu
Hamid Ali Bela became popular for his punjabi folk singing, especially Punjabi Sufiana Kalam. Born in British India, he settled in Lahore. His voice has certain tone of despair and solitude, hence Bela [Forest or Solitude] became attached to his name. He considered Shah Hussain as his murshid, and his Maaeni Main Kinnon Akhaan became his trademark songs.

Aseen Wat Naa Dunya Awna (Kalam Shah Hussain)

Maaeni Main Kinnoo Akhaan (Kalam Shah Hussain) 6.45MB (05.39)

Ronda Mool Na Sonda Ay 6.3MB (05.42)

Charka Mera O Rangia 7.5MB (06.30)

Naeon La Lya Be Parwah De Naal 12.7MB (11.26)

Nee Mai Je MoR Sakanee Ain Tan MoR – 4.65MB 10.08

We Sanwala Naa Maar NainaN De Teer 2.18 4.45


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