Junaid Jamshed: Download Sufi Music 1000+ MP3 songs | Updated April 2022 Worlds Largest Collection of Qawwali, Arfana & Sufiana Kalam, Hamd & Naat

Junaid Jamshed – Hamd Naat and Nasheed

Kalam/Poetry  , اردو Urdu, Arabic

Junaid Jamshed was the vocalist of Pakistan’s most influential band Vital Signs, before he abandoned the world of pop music and showbiz and devoted his life to preaching Islam. He also founded a Apparel franchise [J.] and used his soulful voice for recording of Hamds, Naats and Nasheeds. He died on 7 December 2016 at Havelian, Pakistan in an aircraft crash.


Junaid Jamshed


Once turning to Islam, Junaid travelled across the world and used his beautiful voice to sing many Hamd, Naat and Nasheeds to preach Islam, which is illustrated by our collection in MP3 format.


New Additions: April 2022

Ae Allah Tu He Atta (4:55)

Jalwa-e-Janaan (3.38)

Jaga Jee Laganay Ki Dunyan (6.30)

Ae Nabi Jee (4.15)

Ae Rasool-e-Ameen (4.24)

Bold and Brave – English Hamd (5.20)


Best Hamd, Naat and Nasheed of Junaid Jamshed

 Yeh Subh e Madina (4:00)

Muhammad Ka Roza

 Tamanna e Dil (5:30)

 Subhanallah (3:52)

 Qaseeda Hassan Bin Thabit (5:25)

 Nabi Ki Azmat (6:34)

 Madine Ko Jayen (5:04)

 Madad Meray Allah (4:39)

 Ilahi La Tu Azzibni (5:03)

 Ho Karam Ki Nazar (4:26)

 Badr ud Duja (7:25)

 Badee uz Zaman (Arabic) (4:28)

 Allah Allah Tu Hi Malik Hamd (6:12)

 Aj Sik Mitran Di (4:34)

 Ae Nabi Pyare Nabi (4:48)

 Aei Rasool e Amin (4:22)

 Ya Taiba (4:45)



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