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Ney Music Of Dervish/Sufi Whirling (Semaa/Semâ) ﺗﺮﮎ turkish , ﺸﺂﻡ syrian , ﻣﺼﺮ egyptian
Ney’ is a reed flute, which along with Turkish tanbur lute and Turkish kemençe fiddle are considered the most typical instruments of Classical Turkish and Persian mystical music. Ney also plays a primary role in the music of the Mevlevi Sufi rites (Sama) popularly known as the Whirling Sufis or Dancing dervishes and its sound has a deep spiritual effect. Mevlana Rumi’s Masnavi begins from the verse “Listen to the reed”.
  Ney taksimleri rast – sufi music of turkey
6.6MB (7.02)

Sufi Musical Ensemble of Conya Dugah Ayini (Peshref)
7.18MB Mevlana assemble (sema) sufi music of turkey
2.68 (3.21) Recitation of Surah Baqrah from Syria followed by Takasim & Sufi Chants (with thanks to Noora Alzari)
4.1MB (4.16) Egyptian Nile – Sufi meditation song
2.8MB (3:01) Sufi Dialogue Nile Music
5.0MB (5:19)

Turkish dervish whirling music semaa
8MB (8:40) Music of the Medieval Pilgrim on the Way to Bethlehem  7.3MB (7:44) Sufi music of turkey- Ney taksimleri rast
6.45MB (7:02)  Turkish sufi music- Ney II
9.42MB (10:17)
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