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Sultan Bahu (Sufiana Kalaam)

ﭙﻨﺠﺎﺑﻰ punjabi

Sultan Bahu was a Muslim Sufi and saint, who founded the Sarwari Qadiri sufi order. His Punjabi sufi poetry has been very popular in Punjab and has been performed by many artists in form of Kaafi and Qawwali. One of the distinguishing feature of Sultan Bahu’s Kalaam is the word ‘hoo’ or ‘hu’ coming at the end of his verses, which has a strong ecstatic effect on the audience and is considered as a means of spiritual connection to the divinity.

Alam Lohar – Ae Sultan Hussain Di Nagri

Barkat Sidhu – Alif Allah

Hina Nasrullah – Dil Darya Samandaron Doonghe

Iqbal Bahu – Baghdad Shahar Dee Kiyaa Nishani

Iqbal Bahu – Eh Tan Mera ChashmaN Ho We

Iqbal Bahu – Jo Dam Ghafil So Dam Kafir

Iqbal Bahu -ChaRh Channan Te Kar Rushnai

Iqbal Bahu- Dil Darya SumoondroN Dhoonge

Iqbal Bahu -Panj Mehal PanjaaN Wich Chaanan

Iqbal Bahu – Sabit Sidaq Te Qadam Agere

Wadali Brothers – Alaf Allah


Also download recording of Kalam Sultan Bahu is four files, please see below:


Kalam Sultan Bahoo Part 1 22.3MB (32:36)

Kalam Sultan Bahoo Part 2 22.2MB (32:20)

Kalam Sultan Bahoo Part 3  21.2MB (30:47)

Kalam Sultan Bahoo Part 4 6.02MB (08:46)