Ya Muhammad Noor Mujassam: By Wazir Dayers

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Ya Muhammad Noor Mujassam [SAW]
Ya Habibi Ya Maulai
Tasveer Kamaal Muhabbat
Tanveer Jamaal Khudai

“O Muhammad, Embodiment of Light

O my Beloved, O my Lord and Master
Illustration of the Perfection of Love
Shining Radiance of Divine Beauty”
The Light in “Noor-e-Mujassam” is what the Sufis call “an-Nūr-ul-Muhammadī” (“the Muhammadan Light”). In Sufi mysticism, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.S.) is perceived as the Embodiment of this Light (Nūr-e-Mujassam). This Light is Pre-Eternal Light (Nūr-e-Azal). It existed before creation and becomes fully manifest in the Spiritually Perfect Man (Insān-e-Kāmil), like the Prophet Muhammad, and Prophets and Saints like him, to whatever religion, era or culture they may belong. All Prophets and Saints are one; they all embody the same Light.
In traditional Islam, Hazrat Muhammad is considered higher than all other Prophets, but from a mystical point of view it is interpreted differently: all Prophets and Sages are one and each one of them represents all others. In verse 6-1106 of his Mathnawī, Hazrat Mawlana Rumi says:
“The name of Ahmad (i.e. Muhammad) is the name of all Prophets: when the hundred comes (is counted), ninety is with us as well.”
1) The Arabic word mawlā can take on many meanings: “Lord”, “Master”, “Patron” or “Holy Friend”. It is derived from the same verbal root as walī, which usually is translated as “a close and intimate friend of God”, i.e. “a Saint”.

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