Annihilation in the Beloved: Story of Lover and Beloved by Rumi

Annihilation in the Beloved: Story of Lover and Beloved from Rumi’s Masnavi

A certain lover in the presence of his beloved was counting and bragging his sacrifices for his beloved.

“For your sake I did such-and-such and suffered wounds from arrows and spears”, he said.

“My wealth is all lost and I sacrificed my strength and fame for you and suffered misfortunes. My sleep and happiness if all gone now, and all my sources and means are history”

He kept giving testimonies of his love. He was burned with fire of love and its heat made his weep like a candle.

The Beloved responded, “You have done all this indeed but open your ear wide and listen me carefully. You have not performed the core of love and loyalty! What you have done is only the branches, but not the root.”

The lover said to her, “Tell me, what is the root?” She said, “The root is to annihilate your ‘self’ and become ‘nothing’.

You have done everything else, but have not annihilate your self and you still exist. Listen, die, if you are a self-sacrificing friend!”

Instantly, the lover laid on the ground and gave up his life like ghost. Like the rose, he sacrificed, laughing and rejoicing.

The light of the sun heard the call return and came back in haste to his source [sun]. No disgrace [or impurity] remained with it from the ash-pits, no colour remained with it from the rose-gardens of earth.

The light of the eye and the seer of the light returned to their source: the desert and earthly plains were left passionately longing for it.


maulana rumi - allama iqbal



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Based on transliteration by Wazir Dayers, with permissions and compliments.



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