Badnaam: The Greatest Sufi Rock since Junoon

Badnaam: Junoon Reborn

Badnaam: Junoon Reborn


When it comes of Sufi music as part of mainstream music, Pakistani artists remain in a league of their own.

From traditional artists such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen to modern Sufi fusion bands like Junoon and QB, Pakistan continues the rich and glorious tradition of Sufi Music.

For every Sufi artist who left us, it seems there is a continuous passing-on of flag. Nusrat Sahib’s crown was taken by Rahat Fateh Ali, QB’s voice seems an incarnation of Reshma and Amjad Sabri carried traditional Qawwali of Sabri brothers.

Since Junoon broke as a band, there has been few Rock bands who tried a few songs in Sufi genre. However, there always remained a void in genre of Sufi Rock, a genre that truly and exclusively belongs to Pakistan.


This vacuum was finally filled with arrival of Badnaam, a proper Sufi Rock band, which is hailed by heavy weights as Shahi Hassan of Vital Signs and Ali Azmat of Junoon as the greatest Sufi band and the modern day Junoon.

Badnaam remains our favourite Sufi band of 2017. We have been waiting for Junoon to be reborn for years and they seem to an answer to our wish.


Download Sufi Rock Music by Badnaam Band in MP3 format. 





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