Blinded by Love, Blessed by Allah: Hazrat Safoora’s Story – Masnavi

Blinded by Love, Blessed by Allah: Hazrat Safoora’s Story – Masnavi

As Prophet Moses (AS) ascended Mount Toor for divine revelation, Allah’s radiant light (tajalli) enveloped him. The mountain trembled, and Moses (as) fell unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness and descending, his face remained illuminated for several days. Anyone who gazed directly upon it would be blinded by its brilliance.

Concerned for his people, Moses (AS) prayed to Allah (swt) for a veil to protect them. Allah (SWT) instructed him to use a portion of the very blanket that had shielded him on Mount Toor, explaining its unique ability to withstand the divine light. He emphasized, “O Moses, even Mount Qaf, the mythical peak, would crumble before this light.”

Following Allah’s (SWT) command, Moses (AS) fashioned a veil from the blanket and instructed his people not to look upon his face directly. This veil, infused with the warmth of divine love, possessed remarkable strength, exceeding the protection of walls or doors. No ordinary material could have endured the lingering Noor without melting.

Moses (AS) wife, Hazrat Safoora, deeply loved him and yearned to behold his face without the veil. Despite the instructions, she succumbed to temptation and peeked with one eye, instantly losing sight in it. Unable to resist the urge further, she opened the other eye, leading to complete blindness.

When asked if she regretted sacrificing her sight, Hazrat Safoora (as) declared that even a thousand eyes would be a worthy offering for a glimpse of her beloved Nabi. Her unwavering devotion and selfless love deeply impressed Allah (swt). In a remarkable act of His divine grace, He restored her vision and bestowed upon her unique eyes, granting her the ability to see Moses (as) without the veil ever again.


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