Bulla Ki Jaana Main Kaun: Saeen Zahoor sings Bulleh Shah

saeen zahoor

saeen zahoor


Naa main arabi, na lahori
Naa mai hindi sheher nagori
Naa hindu, na turek peshawri
Naa mai rehnda vich nadaun
Bulla Ki jaana main Kaun?

Neither am I an Arab, nor Lahori
Neither Hindi, nor Nagauri
Or a Hindu, Turk, or Peshawari
And I don’t belong to Nadaun

Bulleya! To me, I am not known.


Saeen Zahoor was born and raised in a rural peasant family. He was a hidden talent since for decades he performed exclusively at shrines in his native Okara district of Pakistan. In 1989 he was invited to the All Pakistan Music Conference to give his first ever performance, which instantly made him one of the best known singers of Sufiana and Arfana Kalam in Pakistan and worldwide. He is known for playing traditional stringed instrument like ‘ek tara’ during live performances besides singing, which sends the audience in state of Wajd or Ecstasy.


Bulleh Shah immortal verses are sung by many generations. Here is a beautiful rendition by Singing Dervish of Okara, Saeen Zahoor.


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