Celebrating the ‘Chimta’ mastery of  Sain Mushtaq Hussain

Celebrating the ‘Chimta’ mastery of Punjabi Folk Legend Sain Mushtaq Hussain


Sain Mushtaq Hussain may not be as well known as Alam and Arif Lohar, but his contribution to Punjabi folk music remains pivotal.
His is considered by music critics as the most gifted Chimta player ever. He had so much controls over the instrument that rather than using it as background beat like other musicians, he used it to actual play different notes, resulting in a tune.
Chimta as a musical instrumental may look to untrained eye as a kitchen tool, i.e. one used to make chapatis. However, the one used in music is very different and totally different in terms of handling, softness and the tones and tunes it is able to produce. It is almost an extinct musical instruments now unfortunately, as none of the new Punjabi musicians and bands actually includes a Chimta player.


Sain Mushtaq Hussain

Sain Mushtaq Hussain


Sain Mushtaq Hussain’s Punjabi folk tracks includes some great storytelling such as Heer Waris Shah, Mirza Sahibaan and Sassi. All these stories and their verses remain a key part of Punjabi culture and languages today, whether it is about Indian Punjab or Pakistani Punjab. Their verses have become part of Punjabi vernacular and their heart-touching verses are still enjoyed by the Punjabis all over the world.


Heer Waris Shah – Sain Mushtaq Hussain (57:00)

Mirza Sahibaan – Sain Mushtaq Hussain (13:31)

Sassi – Sain Mushtaq (9:40)






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