Gharib-o-Saada-ae-Rangeen hay Daastan-e-Haram: Iqbal’s praise of Imam Hussain R.A.



Gharib-o-Saada-ae-Rangeen hay Daastan-e-Haram
Nihayet iski Hussain, ibtida hay Ismail.
– Dr. Allama Iqbal


The story of Kaaba remains straightforward, simple and colourful
Its beginning is Ismail, it epitome is Hussain R.A.


Allama Iqbal expressed his love and reverence for Hazrat Imam Hussain R.A. at many occasions, with above verse being his well-known. He considered the sacrifice of Hussain the epitome of same chain that started from Hazrat Ismail R.A.


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