Miraj Sharif of Prophet Muhammad SAW: The Story of Time Dilation

Today is Miraj Sharif, the time travel of Prophet Muhammad SAW to witness unseen worlds, including Heavens and Hell and get as close to The Creator that no human has gone before.
Prophet SAW spent many ages witnessing these worlds, yet on earth clocks had taken merely a second. Unbelievers of Makkah ridiculed how this is possible, but Abu Bakr RA came to rescue saying if Prophet SAW said it, I know it is true. Prophet SAW gave title of Siqqique [The Truthful] to Abu Bakr, the first great Caliph of Islam and Prophet’s beloved companion.
Today such concept is scientifically proven and known as Time Dilation as time varies when travelling as speed of Light.
There are also many stories of Sufi where they had bent space-time as Allama Iqbal say about Sufis:
Ayaam Ke Murakib Nahin Raaqib Hai Qalandar
[Qalandar is not the ride of time. He is the rider who controls time]

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