Mullah Nasruddin on the discord among Muslim Ulema and Philosophers: Sufi Story

All thinkers, logicians and Ulema were called up at court to examine case of Mullah Nasruddin, since he was accused of telling people that these learned folks are confused and ignorant themselves so don’t listen to them.

This was a serious case since censoring scholars was considered contempt of King’s court.

“You can share your point of view”, the King asked Nasruddin.

“Bring me papers and pen and some bread”, Mullah requested. This was compiled with.

“No share paper and pen with Ulema and asked them to write on paper, what is Bread”, asked Mullah.

All the thinkers, logicians and Ulema wrote on the paper.

“Now read their papers”, asked Mullah

First paper said “Food”

Second said “Flour and water”

Third said “Reward from Allah”

Fourth said “Baked dough”

And there was ‘nutritional thing’, ‘no one knows’ and many other responses.

“Once all the thinkers, logicians and ulema agree on what a simple Bread is, then they can speak on higher topics”, said Mullah.

He was praised by the King and awarded.


Mullah Nasruddin


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