Museum of Islamic Art, Doha [Qatar]

When one thinks about the greatest museum in the world, the ones that flash in mind instantly are British Museum London, Louve Paris and Moma NY. However, when it comes to Islamic Art, Museum of Islamic Art, Doha certainly remains one of Art World’s best kept secrets.
During one of my London-Lahore stopovers at Doha, I took a visit visa to enjoy a respite at this glorious museum in Doha’s sizzling heat. Eerily quiet unlike other museums (I was the only person in the library), it was a relaxed tete-a-tete with the artefacts, an experience rare at the more touristy museums aforementioned.
What really impressed me was a balanced view of Islamic history, something distorted ubiquitously.
With the exception of some Persian art, Islamic art usually don’t depict faces. Hence most artefacts included Quranic calligraphy, crockery such as bowls with Islamic art, weapons such as swords and armour etc.
Here are some photos taken by my amateur phone camera, which hardly do justice to this lovely place. If I am lucky enough to pay another visit, more details and better details will follow.

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