Mushtaaqe Aaftaabe, Jamaale Muhammadem: By Sabri Brother

Mushtaaqe Aaftaabe, Jamaale Muhammadem: By Sabri Brother


The Sun Is Eager For Beauty Of Muhammad
I Am Merely A Servant Of Muhammad And Offsprings Of Muhammad
(You Ask) What Did I Profit From Servitude Of Mustafa?
I Am The Lowest Of Slaves Of Slave (Bilaal) Of Muhammad


Mushtaaqe Aaftaabe, Jamaale Muhammadem
Ma Bandaey Muhammado, Aale Muhammadem
Maa Ra Che Hast Laaft, Ghulamiye Mustafa
Ma Kamtareen Ghulaame, Bilaale Muhammadem

مشتاق آفتاب، جمال محمدم
ما بنده محمد، آل محمدم
ما را چه هست لافت، غلامی مصطفی
ما کمترین غلام، بلال محمدم


“Mushtaaqe Aaftaabe, Jamaale Muhammadem” – longing for the radiant presence of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), is not just an expression, but a profound state of the heart.

As we immerse ourselves in the rhythmic beauty of these lines, we are reminded of our unwavering commitment to the teachings and path laid out by the beloved Prophet. “Ma Bandaey Muhammado, Aale Muhammadem” – we are but servants of Muhammad and the noble family of Muhammad.

“Maa Ra Che Hast Laaft, Ghulamiye Mustafa” – is question by people, “What I have gained by becoming a servent of Muhammad SAW?”. And the answer follows “Ma Kamtareen Ghulaame, Bilaale Muhammadem” – we are the least of slaves of Hazrat Bilal, the slave of Muhammad, who in reality was a King. Hazrat Omar R.A. the caliph called Hazrat Bilan R.A. as ‘Syedna Bilal’,

In a world often consumed by material pursuits and superficial desires, these verses serve as a gentle reminder of the beauty found in devotion, humility, and servitude. Let us strive to embody these values in our daily lives, drawing inspiration from the timeless wisdom encapsulated in these words. Together, let us walk the path illuminated by the light of Muhammad, peace be upon him.


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