Qadar-Shinaas Sukhan De: Saif-ul-Malook by Mian Muhammad Baksh 

Qadar-Shinaas Sukhan De: Punjabi Sufi Kalam Saif-ul-Malook by Mian Muhammad Baksh


مر مر اک بناون شیشہ تے مار وٹا اک بهن دے

دنیا اتےتهوڑےرہندے قدر شناس سخن دے

Marr Marr Ik Banaawan Sheeksha, Maar Wattaa Ik BHan Day

Dunya Utay Thoray Rehday Qadar Shanaas Sukhan Day


Craftsman work hard to make glass, but others stroke glass with stone and break in one go

Similarly, poets take ages for a verse, but there are few who value words



Mian Muhammad Bakhsh

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