Sami Yusuf sits in feet of Abida Parveen

When British-Iranian artist Sami Yusuf met Abida Parveen, he refused to sit next to her at her level but chose to sit at her feet to show her respect for the Queen of Sufi Music.

Mevlana Rumi used to pray to Allah that if he is to be blessed with one quality only, may he be gifted with respect for all humans being, great or small. Today people of all faiths respect, love, read and quote Rumi all over the world.

Download the best collection of Sami Yusuf’s hamd and naat MP3 including the beautiful Naat Al Muallim [The Teacher] as well as the largest collection of Abida Parveen comprising 150+ tracks.


abida parveen and sami yusuf

abida parveen and sami yusuf

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