Sanu Ik Pal Chaein Naa Aave: Nusrat Sahib’s Great Qawwali


Sanu Ik Pal Chaein Naa Aave
Sajna Teray Bina
Ho Saada Kalyaan Jee Nai Lagna
Sajna Tere Bina
Kise Daa Yaar Na Pardes Jaave
Sanu Ik Pal Chaein Naa Aave
Sanu Ek Pal Chaein remains one of Nusrat Sahib’s greatest hits, a long song of longing and waiting, with an exceptional compositions from the greatest genius of Qawwali. Nusrat Sahib had a unique ability to sing high notes with such precision that Peter Gabriel, one of the world’s greatest artists, remarked that he had to re-tune his instruments to capture the beautify of Nusrat Sahib’s high notes.

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